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Vendor Biography

I am Mohawk, Turtle Clan (Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte) and am living in Northwestern Ontario, about 1500 miles away from my home reserve. I was adopted out as a baby and found by my sisters in 2010 so raised white and am now living in Ojibwe Territory.

My art reflects both cultures – the raised beading and designs from my birthplace melded with the beauty of the Ojibwe  beading and designs of where I’ve lived for the last 45 years.

I was beading before I knew I was indigenous and my eagle feather came from the lake by my home the one time I was out in my kayak – the weekend when my sisters heard about me. It was a year after that when we met and I learned about my heritage. It was and is wonderful!

My art is quite wide ranging from jewelry to travelling smudge kits to beaded antler art to penny keychains which have been very popular. I go where my mind takes me and delight in what is new. I hope you like what you see and can find a place for these items in your heart and home.

Miigwetch – Nia:wen – Thank you!

Beth Ken’ta:res Queau