Donations for Healing and Awareness

1) IndigenARTSY sales and Facebook Auction - Contributing to healing - MMIW, Residential School and Sixties Scoop Child Apprehension programs.

To further awareness for our missing and murdered Indigenous women and the intergenerational trauma of the residential school systems and other Indigenous child apprehension programs, all vendors will donate a minimum of 10% of their profits from the sale of any items that contain related imagery such as, but not limited to: orange shirts, red dresses, red hand prints, etc.

Artists are trusted to make their payments to the IACC. The IACC also collects this donation from sales on our marketplace website and will collect and donate all funds to our friends at Sisters in Spirit or another trusted organization.

2) Support us and contribute to IACC programming, art supplies and our Indigenous Women's Arts Conference.

With your support we can continue to run our IndigenARTSY and Facebook marketplaces. We are a volunteer run organization and always need your help to keep our non profit afloat.

3) Support Dawn Iehstoseranón:nha (she keeps the feathers) in her Eagle feather project.

Dawn is working to send an Eagle feather to Indigenous women who have lost children to suicide or daughters to violence and survivors of the residential school system. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced her to mail the feathers at a cost of about $15 per box. Your help with postage would be accepted with much gratitude.

You are welcome to make any choice of causes when you 'select options'.

Payments can be made here or etransfer to: with a note added:  'Donations for Healing and Awareness'.

Tax receipts are available.