Vendor Terms, Conditions and Policies

How to become an IndigenARTSY vendor

To become an IndigenARTSY vendor, you must carry artist membership with the Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada.

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Visability & Marketing

Many people & organizations search our directory to locate artists and Indigenous products.

Social Media Marketplaces

Membership enables you to join our massive social media following and contribute to on line marketplaces.

Indigenous Women's Arts Conference

Membership puts you in line to contribute as a facilitator or vendor at our Indigenous Women's Arts Conferences.

Workshop Facilitation

Many organizations, school boards and government offices are looking for workshop facilitators. Add yourself to our list for exposure.

An Indigenous Community

The IACC is a proud community of Indigenous artists. Mentorship, collaboration and knowledge sharing are fundamental to our community.

IndigenARTSY is exclusively for authentic Indigenous artists.

Vendors have full responsibility to buyers. Shipping, returns and communication are between you and your customers.

IndigenARTSY by IACC is a third party host for your store.

Vendors must sell their own work. Work must be hand made or designed by you. You must be Indigenous to have an IndigenARTSY store.

Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada (IndigenARTSY)

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Indigenous Identity

Are you Indigenous?

Can you confirm that you are related by blood to living Indigenous people?

Are you connected to an Indigenous reserve/community/nation by blood?

The Indigenous Arts Collective of Canada (IndigenARTSY) retains the right to reject membership and vendor application based on the evidence that an artist submits regarding identity.

This non profit organization is for Indigenous artists only. We commit our resources to Indigenous artists only, and are very proud of our large artist membership. Additionally, the funding we are granted is specifically for Indigenous people and must be spent on the terms it was granted.

We have seen and acknowledge that many people claim Indigenous identity and/or hold it in high regard but these identities are not up for debate and membership applications will be rejected.

While we cannot define who identifies as Indigenous, we ask that artists belong to, or have a connection to a certain Indigenous territory or community. In some cases, we will reach out to Indigenous communities to confirm these connections.

In many cases, we may ask for you to show your Band Card or Indian Status card for identification. This will confirm your approval for membership.

Can you confidently say yes to the questions at the top of this page?

People who have gained Indigenous identity because they married an Indigenous person do not qualify for membership.

People whose art forms and practices have been learned from, or are similar to Indigenous art forms do not qualify for membership.

We appreciate your respect of our Indigenous cultures and ask that you allow us to maintain our strong and important cultural identities.



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