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Vendor Biography

FRED MAY Albany Cree Nation Bear Clan, has created, produced and marketed five albums thus far. A member of SOCAN since 1976, Fred presently multi-tasks as ARTS EDUCATOR, MUSICIAN, DRUMMER, COMPOSER, DIRECTOR/PRODUCER and VIDEOGRAPHER, Fred’s initial success came early at age 16 when he co -wrote the theme for a humorous documentary show called “LIVE IT UP” for CTV. Well-known producer and musician DANIEL LANOIS worked with Fred, engineering and playing guitar on “LIVE IT UP.” Fred has appeared in CAN-WEST GLOBAL’S movie: “MARKED FOR DEATH.” Fred has also played drums for award-winning band, “SHERIFF,” Worked with Producer JACK RICHARDSON Fred has also written music for CBC’S “THIS LAND” back in 1987-1989. Received Gold Record May24/2016 500,000+ Received Platinum July 15/2016 1.5 million  Fred loves to do his native Soul Art have a look at my creations  or to purchase a Download of my Music or just listen to my Compositions link down below Enjoy!