White Feather & The Moccasins – Set of 2 Historical Novels


Set of 2 Canadian Historical Novels:
White Feather: Jessie Wàbigwàn
The Moccasins

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White Feather: Jessie Wàbigwàn 

Algonquin-Mohawk logging industry heiress, Jessie Nij’Kizis pulls her fishing gear out of her Jeep near the largest grove of Birdseye maple trees she has ever discovered. She leaves a note on the windshield advising her father and brother that she is throwing a line in the river to catch lunch while she waits for them.

“If you two slow pokes ever get here,” she adds.

When the earth gently sways under her feet, and Cree warriors emerge from the Northern Lights, little does she know that she will be plunged into a primitive world. Little does her captor know that she will turn his life upside down within weeks. With minimal survival supplies and tools, she leaves the Cree camp.

Winter Sun, the medicine man, is angry with his chief. “That you would exile such a young woman, who was severely injured and is still healing, to fend for herself in a forest she does not know is unbearable, Chief.”

Standing Eagle crosses his arms with a grin. “I did not exile her, and she will return before nightfall.”

Winter Sun looks at him sternly.

 “She will not, and her death will be on your hands.”

That night, alone in the forest, Jessie remembers her youth’s platforms in Pine trees, forty feet above ground to defend her territory against her Mohawk cousins with her sling shot and cement-coated pinecone buds. By the end of the summer, her cousins did not need warpaint; they were colourful enough.

“By the time I’m done with you, Raven man, you too, will be black and blue.”

Despite her bravery and having been raised “in the bush” Jessie soon realizes that she will need more than grit to survive in the deep recesses of early 19th century Northern Ontario’s forest.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

The Moccasins : A historical novel within a contemporary story. 

Something pulls strongly at Erin Gleason’s heart on her way to work, as she spots a For Sale sign on the gate of an old Victorian house. It’s a far cry from the reasonably priced bungalow she hoped to find in historic Sault Ste. Marie, but the mystery that shrouds the veranda-wrapped two-story home is simply too irresistible. Settling in a new city is not new to Erin, nor is the plight of the homeless people on the streets. She befriends Joe Larocque, an Ojibwa Elder and survivor of the Indian Residential School System, who welcomes her modest food offerings gratefully in exchange for yard work.

Erin also seeks refuge from her unbearable loneliness among the Algonquin people she meets in the old house’s attic. Métis Voyageur Gabriel Menard, and Blue Star, his beloved Algonquin wife, pull her into their lives from across the centuries. Unfortunately, she soon realizes that they, too, struggle to find peace and safety in their volatile world. What Erin lives with them shocks her to her very core, and changes her life forever.

Caleb Hunter, the handsome Cree man who often sits with Joe, resents taking charity from her. While he is not overtly hostile, Erin senses something unsettling about him. Then she discovers a side of him that triggers dreams of the safe and normal life she craves.

Caleb’s actions, however, propel Erin into the very danger she escaped, forcing her to leave everything behind again. She will have to start anew, as far away from her tormentors as she can get, without fulfilling her quest.

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